Build Fully Responsive
Email In Just Minutes.

Quickly create email-ready HTML from your design files, that is
responsive to any device and bulletproof in every inbox.

  1. Upload
    .png, .jpg, .psd
  2. Define
    slices & layout
  3. Customize Cells
    color, rich text, HTML
  4. Export
    fully responsive, compliant HTML

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Inkbrush, by Movable Ink, is a web based email design and coding tool.
Developers, designers, agencies and businesses can use Inkbrush for free,
benefiting from its rich features to quickly and easily build rock solid email.

How it works.

1. Upload a Design

2. Define your layout and customize content

  • Outer Slicing Outter Used for outer content that you want to create tables around.
  • Inner Slicing Inner Then slice inside tables for more complex designs
  • Adjustments Adjust Adjust and delete slices
  • Content Customize Open the editor panel to customize content

3. Export directly to ESPs, web services or download an HTML file

(limit 1000000 free HTML exports per month)



Your email template is checked for compatibility with
all major email clients and browsers - Online Services,
Desktop / Mobile applications and more.

AOL Mail Yahoo! Mail Outlook Gmail
Mail on iPhone Mail on Android Blackberry Mail Amazon Email Services
Mail on Mac Lotus Notes Windows Mail