Quick little update to the color picker.

18th Mar, 2015


I found the color picker a little bit annoying when getting non-suggested colors, so I've made a few changes to it:

  1. Users don't need to click 'set' to set the color any more, it's automatic (but pressing cancel reverts it to the previous color).
  2. The full color picker is automatically open, it's no longer two clicks to open and accsess. Users can just click once directly on it to select a color.
  3. The color picker is now a circle of hue with a brightness slider, indeed of a brightness square with saturation slider. Which is obviously easier to pick a colors from.

That's all, we're always trying to improve and speed up how to build emails, in big and little ways.

The Inkbrush text editor updates: live preview and streamlined style editing.

29th Jan, 2015

We've made some massive improvements to the Inkbrush.com text options this week. There's quite a few updates:


Firstly, text can be typed directly into a cell. That cell will be a live preview of exactly what the text will look like.

There's no more clicking 'save' and seeing what has updated. It is now, as they say, 'what you see is what you get'.

Secondly, all of the available text styles sit in the side bar instead of on a separate page. Now it's possible to add/edit/delete text styles on the fly and see the text preview update live. So if you change your heading to, for example Helvetica in green, that change will show up immediately.


Thirdly, there's a simplified style editor. We've actually removed a large amount of css options. We used to have everything and the kitchen sink, it's been reduced to this neat compact set of options below:


There's quite a few reasons we reduced the style options: we couldn't guarantee support in all email clients for some of the more  obscure text settings. The very core of Inkbrush's philosophy is 'every email should look perfect everywhere'. It was just impossible to assure things like word-wrap and what-not would work.

Also all of the css options we're very technical and not approachable by all users, so now all measurements are in pixels (no more ems, whatever they are, or specifying word-spacing in centimetres)

The forth text update is to the way fonts work. There was some confusion about creating fonts stacks, and again like the style editor it required the user to be knowledgeable of css. Now it works just like MS Word / Apple Pages / Photoshop / etc. There's a list of fonts,  pick the one you want the text to look like. Much simpler, much better. If there's not one on our extensive list of fonts you can add your own (but be aware it might not work in all email clients.)

On a side note: Google Fonts are coming, it's supported in about a third of email clients, but there was a huge number of users trying to add them via the text editor or putting in support tickets for it. So even though we can't guarantee Google fonts will work in all email clients, the will be available soon.

Finally, on top of all those new features we've got a better link-creator pop up too, that looks like this:


On a final note, if you do want more css options, there's always the custom html option for a cell where you can add whatever you like to an email.

Hope you like the new text editor in Inkbrush!

Hold shift to edit many cells - old feature switched back on.

29th Jul, 2014


From launch in 2011 Inkbrush (formally Mailrox) had a great little feature where you could hold shift to edit many cells.

It's now back in the app. So if you're on the edit content tool, hold shift and select many cells it will bring up a window to edit all these cells when you release shift.

Any new settings will be applied to all of these cells and overwrite the current cells settings.

Don't worry if you overwrite anything though, we also have a full undo-stack and version history of the email so you can just go back if anything goes wrong.

This feature was temporally switched it off last month to develop edge detection and snapping, which you can also hold shift to activate.

It's not something really worth blogging about I always had it down as a power user feature, but we ended up with loads of support requests and tweets asking where 'shift to edit many cells' had gone too. So this cool feature is back up if anyone was wondering.

Mailrox is now Inkbrush

16th Jul, 2014


Mailrox has re-branded to Inkbrush.com to become more aligned with the Movable Ink brand, you can read all about it over on the Movable Ink blog:


Edge detection with snapping - another new feature for for precision slicing.

12th Jun, 2014

There's a new feature in Mailrox where, if you're holding shift when slicing, you'll get some suggested slices and the slice-line will snap-to the suggested position.

The suggested slices are highlighted in dotted-pink:


So the next time you're slicing up and image try holding shift and using the edge-detector.